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  • Aynur SARICA Trakya Üniversitesi, Şehit Ressam Hasan Rıza Güzel Sanatlar MYO, El Sanatları Bölümü
  • Nilgün BECENEN Trakya Üniversitesi, Edirne Teknik Bilimler MYO, Tekstil , Giyim, Ayakkabı ve Deri Bölümü




Edirne, Handicrafts, Clothing, Textile


Each of the societies in the world has carried their own cultures and original lifestyles to every part of their lives. Apparel,with all its parts,is a cultural and artistic event, and has been shaped by the characteristics of the region to which it belongs. Clothing and accessories are the most important products that characterize the region and the characteristics of the period of a region. The garments,created by the shapes and patterns,which told the inner world of mankind,have made them adhere to their cultures, traditions and customs.Edirne,which is located in the Thracian Peninsula and connecting Anatolia to Europe and has the most the cultural savings,she has been a frequent visiting place for many cultures especially due to its geographical location. Edirne province, which is at the crossroads of Balkans and Europe, has unique characteristics in local men's wear. The influence of the palace also reflected in men's clothing. In this study,basic clothing elements of Edirne regional men's clothes were identified and tried to be introduced by using the scanned sources and archeology and ethnography and the works of Sultan II Bayezid social complex. The local men's clothing was interpreted by comparing with ıts figural,fabric, color, paint properties. The most basic male traditional clothes are Potur, minintan, cepken. In time,the fez substituted for the turban, the cone, the robe, the woolen hood of the the headgears. There is definitely a waist cloth as a complementary object in men's wear. Waist cloth is one of the most important parts of old Turkish clothing. Shawl and wool belt are wrapped to the waist. The preferred colours of the kerchief,which is worn to the foot,are red, green and black colors.The ends are sharp. Because of the prevalence of the continental climate,men's clothes are made of wool, thick and dark fabrics.



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SARICA, A., & BECENEN, N. (2018). EDİRNE’S LOCAL MEN’S WEAR WITH CHOSEN EXAMPLES. IKSAD JOURNAL, 4(12), 562–572. https://doi.org/10.31623/iksad.84